More Than Service Improvement Training

We change business culture and improve business performance using tools developed by our founder, Mary Gober.

By implementing tailored, blended training programmes, we equip people with the capability to take more ownership, be more resilient and communicate positively in a solution-oriented manner.


Build stronger relationships


Solve more problems


Engage with change


Deliver excellent service


Gain financial results

Why do we do it?

Our belief is that “everything you think, feel, say and do is a service (helps) or a disservice (hindrance) to yourself and everyone around you.” We have been able to prove that equipping people with skills to ensure everything is a service improves organisational performance.

Case study


"Working with Mary Gober International has led to some record results for our customers. This includes our highest NPS score which is directly as a result of the programme that we have rolled out with Mary Gober International."

Paul Jones, Executive Manager Qantas Domestic

How do we do it?

We have created a powerful embedded learning strategy which delivers our unique Toolkit in a blended learning approach using the best of traditional learning methods and new innovative digital services.

Our approach has been implemented in major blue chip organisations, not for profit organisations and SMEs around the world.

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Through our training, we equip people with the tools to take ownership and responsibility for their work, to build resilience and optimism and to believe that they make a difference to their organisation, through what they think, feel, say and do.

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