One of our Australian launch customers in 2011 was Qantas. We started working with new cabin crew recruits in October 2011 and following the feedback and results the decision was made to roll out the customer service training programme to all cabin crew. The programme was called “We Fly People Not Planes” and later “Creating Great”. This is an ongoing training programme which also embeds the skills within the frontline teams.

Our training delivers results

Qantas has now fully embedded Mary Gober International training into their organisation:

  • Executives and leaders sponsor and support the training

  • On-board managers coach and support using the skills

  • The training is kept alive through branded briefing rooms, competitions and conferences
Mary Gober International has been working with Qantas since 2011. We have been instrumental in changing behaviour and communication, resulting in a positive impact across the organisation.

A positive start

A great start was made using MGI Consultants to deliver induction training to the new hires. The positive and noticeable difference in new cabin crew who attended the MGI training led to a recommendation by the Management to roll out the training to all domestic and international cabin crew in 2012.

Qantas flight attendent

Year on year results

In each of the last three years, Qantas has committed to refresher training for all cabin crew members. Video-based training scenarios are used to bring practical and fun scenarios to life for participants. Pre-flight cabin crew briefings include practicing the use of the skills.

We have trained people all across the airline including lounges, cabin crew and ground staff in Australia and also in lounges and ground staff in London, Dubai and Los Angeles.

The programme has now been extended to Qantas Group Airline Jetstar Airways, famous for their low cost fares.  

The most recent Investors’ Report confirms record levels of customer advocacy and the value of the investment in the customer service training.

The Net Promoter Score has improved by 41 points since the training started and employee engagement is at an all time high of 79%.

In working with Qantas, we have also trained their people across all the below departments:

  • Freight, Catering, HR
  • Commercial Planning, Sales and Reservations
  • Customer Care, Qantas Direct (Call Centre)
  • Frequent Flyer, Loyalty

Transforming our service

See how Qantas has transformed their service using MGI training and the successes that have followed.

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"By far the most impactful training programme we have undertaken. I would strongly recommend this programme with the results we got, lifting customer satisfaction, advocacy scores and doubling our NPS score."

Sam Taranto, Executive Manager Qantas Domestic

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