Dignity initially committed to MGI’s Mindset, Language & Actions of Service in 2011 for their Client Service Centre (CSC). Dignity’s CSC comprises of an inbound 24/7/365 call centre of 75+ Agents, 25+ Administration and Post Team plus their Reception and Complaint Teams.

Their Aim

Dignity's aim was to engender a culture of positive, solution-driven, service quality-focused people who deliver excellence as standard.  In an environment where their clients have lost a loved one and are at the most emotional time of their lives (At Need) or who have made the difficult decision to plan ahead for their end of life (Pre Need), it is vital that their team are caring and compassionate as well as respectful and totally client-focused in every way.

Having already been ISO9001 registered since 01 December 2009, Dignity knew their processes provided the basis for accuracy and consistency of service however, what they needed was a framework to lift their client interaction to the next level and this is where MGI came in.

Initial Success

In 2011, Dignity commenced their journey with the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service training all their CSC Team and their own trainers to ensure they had the ability to embed the learning themselves.  Early on, they recognised the benefits of the aspects of the Method and the close links with their own values.

The training was geared to ‘real’ situation application, both in the workplace and outside, to give the team members an idea of the benefits for them personally as well as professionally.

Over the next three years (2012-2014) their CSC won Best Overall Call Centre as well as being runner up in four other related categories in the ICMI Top 50 Call Centre Awards.

Ongoing Developments

Dignity conducted a ‘healthcheck’ with MGI in October 2016 which enabled them to focus their attention on the employee journey to deliver their 'Dignity Difference' - their brand name for the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service. This enabled Dignity to develop:

  • a ‘recruiting for mindset’ model 
  • their 'Dignity Difference' new starter training with interactive learning modules to embed the principles
  • their ‘GROW’ Coaching for Performance model
  • their Customer Service Strategy introducing their CORE principles of :  Care and Compassion, Open and Honesty, Respect and Responsibility to achieve Excellence in everything they do
Early benefits are:
  • staff attrition halved by the end of 2016
  • sickness shrinkage reduced to 4% on average
  • an L&D development plan developed for call centre agents
  • a career ladder for all CSC roles was communicated

Dignity Difference and their CORE Customer Service Principles

By linking every aspect of their employees’ journey - recruiting for mindset; Dignity Difference training; coaching for performance and their CORE Customer Service Principles, their staff have a clear message of what they are about ... which is delivering positive, solution-driven quality service each and every time for their clients at their time of need.

Celebrating Success with a 1st!

In February 2017, Dignity were audited for the BSI Customer Service Kitemark which is designed to help customers identify organisations that are proven to deliver an excellent customer service experience.  As a result, they became the first UK organisation to be awarded the BSI Kitemark.

Their auditors were extremely complimentary about the service they deliver saying:

“It has been a pleasure to audit a company that takes customer service so seriously. The empathy shown by the staff and enthusiasm for the company values, Dignity Difference and customer service CORE principles is exceptional. The Client Service Team are really deserving of the Kitemark and should be justly proud of the service they are providing to customers at their time of need”.

Sue Pedley

Dignity’s Head of Customer Services says:

“Here at Dignity, we always strive to set the highest standards for the funeral profession in terms of service and care. The delivery of customer service excellence lies at the very heart of everything we do and that’s why the MGI Mindset, Language & Actions of Service fits beautifully with our very own CORE principles and company values”.

‘The ‘can do’ language of service is very much embedded in our everyday conversation and allows us all at every level to be positive, solution-driven and service focussed with each other as well as our clients.”