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Mary Gober International first engaged with Bristol Airport in November 2014. With our help they’ve achieved the Number 1 position in UK and Eire in the ASQ Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey for the last three quarters (2016) and Number 1 in Europe for our Leisure Customers’ Experience in Airports with 5-10 million passengers

Amazing Journey Makers

The people at Bristol Airport can rightly call themselves 'Amazing Journey Makers' with the scores achieved in the Airports Council International's globally recognised benchmarking programme - Airport Service Quality (ASQ).  This measures passengers’ satisfaction whilst travelling through an airport and Bristol Airport's results have shown a steady incremental increase since working with Mary Gober International:

  • MGI training is delivered by Bristol Airport's own people under an accreditation license
  • Training has spread from the Airport's own employees to now gaining buy-in from contracted Business Partners
  • Supported by the Senior Leadership Team, the goal is to train everyone working at Bristol Airport in the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service™

Security is the one process that impacts every customer

Alison Roberts, Head of Terminal & Customer Operations at Bristol Airport reports that, before working with MGI, complaints about the attitude of their security staff were increasing and it was clear that they had to do something to help their Security Agents.

"The customer experience was poor as the security search facility was not able to cope with the volume of travelling passengers which was causing excessive queues. The process was very slow and the facility cramped and oppressive resulting in excessive and undue stress to the customers and ultimately conflict with the Security Agents.  Looking at the ASQ data, we could see that, compared to other airports, we needed to do better.

We knew that we needed to provide training to our Security Agents to help them deal with conflict and give them tools to help them improve their contact with customers.  I researched different types of training to see what was available and went to visit several training companies.  I was lucky enough to be invited to see an MGI session held in Bristol with Mary Gober facilitating the session.  Mary was inspirational and I was really impressed by the Gober Method concepts.  I knew this was the right training for Bristol Airport."

The programme commenced with MGI training Bristol Airport's own Customer Service Team to onward train other employees in the Mindset, Language and Actions of Service™,  MGI's proprietary training programme.

"All new Security Agents went through the MGI training as part of their two week induction with us.  We started small because we wanted to prove the concept first.  Once we were confident that this was making the difference, we rolled the programme out to all the Agents and our own frontline teams.  The training has been really positively received and we started to see the benefits of this through a reduction in complaints related to staff attitude.

The Agents enjoy the training and feel that we have made an investment in their role.  Alongside the MGI training, we have built a much improved facility creating the right infrastructure for our customers and the teams that work there.

Everyone has responded positively to the training.  Last year, one of the Security Supervisors took the service one step further by designing a sticker to give to our very young customers.  This demonstrates to us how the mindset of the Security Teams has changed from a technical and regulation driven attitude to a much more customer focused and aware team.

Enhancing service in other areas of the Airport

"Following the success of the training across the Security Team, we started working more closely with other business partners who also wanted to put their staff through the MGI training. There is a real drive across Bristol Airport to improve the customer experience and to deliver a seamless service across all the processes." 

The Results Prove The Investment

"We're very proud that our ASQ service scores have shown a steady trend upwards:

  • In the last quarter results, we have seen the best scores ever for 'courtesy and helpfulness' of security staff
  • Our 'happy or not' feedback kiosk scores have also continued to rise even through the summer when we had long wait times.  We are seeing a 10% increase in customer satisfaction compared to two years ago

The Agents now have the skills to cope with any conflict situations that arise from the security regulations and we are receiving some really positive social media comments and compliment letters from customers about their experiences.

We have achieved the Number 1 position in UK and Eire in the ASQ Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey for the last three quarters and Number 1 in Europe for our Leisure Customers’ Experience in Airports with 5-10 million passengers.

With the support of the Leadership Team, the 'Amazing Journeys' training will continue to be rolled out across more of Bristol Airport partners this year.  With record breaking numbers of customers predicted for 2017, MGI will continue to work in partnership with Bristol Airport to support its success.

"We've proved that we have chosen the right training for our Airport. We are seeing positive results in customer and staff satisfaction. Happy staff create happy customers who will ultimately spend more time at the Airport which will positively impact our financial results."

"We are reaping the benefits of working with MGI - I'm very proud of what we've achieved as a business." 

Alison Roberts, Head of Terminal & Customer Operations

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