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Everything you think, feel, say and do is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you. We can show you how to make ‘everything’ a superb service that earns customer loyalty, advocacy and grows the bottom line.

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Mary Gober.

Mary, an internationally-recognised expert in customer service, was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Customer Service Training Network in 2010 and her unique and proprietary content forms the basis of our training programmes.

Mary’s background, education, business experiences and her role as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer have culminated in the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service™ used by businesses around the world today.

It gives people a Toolkit to help make everything they think, feel, say and do a positive experience for themselves and everyone around them.

Mary Gober

Mary Gober International

Since 2003 Mary Gober International has expanded into over 40 countries helping organisations improve business.

We Help Organisations Improve

Our expertise is in helping organisations actively and rapidly improve performance. With bases in the UK, Sydney and Dubai, we work with clients around the world to deliver tailored solutions inspired by the work of Mary Gober.

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We transform business culture.

We have a proven track record of delivering programmes which transform service cultures enabling everyone in an organisation to deliver the brand promise to customers. We have worked with major brands as well as not for profit organisations in over 40 countries around the world.

Solutions that work in your world.

We work in partnership with you to create a tailor made solution for your organisation with improvements that really last.

Shona Cooper

Shona is our Co-Founder and CEO who started the business in 2003 with Mary Gober. With a background in corporate life at British Airways, Shona has significant experience of running training businesses in British Airways and now CEO at MGI. She works with our customers and consultants to drive cultural change and improve customer service across the world.


Dave Higgins

Dave is our MD joining the business in 2014 after working with Mary Gober International as a customer. Dave has a background in running corporate learning and development teams and leads our training business in the UK, Europe and Dubai.


Our team

Led by Shona Cooper and Dave Higgins, our team deliver our training solutions all over the world.

Our Consultants bring impact and vibrancy to the delivery of powerful, memorable and sustainable training content which is proven to deliver lasting results.

Our Organisational Development specialists are highly qualified in the fields of Human Resources and business psychology.

As a team, we make an immediate and visible difference to what people say and do in the workplace and these changes really stick.

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