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Mary Gober


How people successfully manage themselves and their relationships has been Mary’s lifelong passion. Her background, education, business experiences and her role as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer have culminated in the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service™ used by businesses around the world today.



Our expertise is in helping organisations actively and rapidly improve performance.  With bases in the UK, Australia, the Middle East and the United States, we work with clients around the world to deliver tailored solutions inspired by the work of Mary Gober.

OD Specialists


Our Organisational Development Specialists (OD Specialists) are highly qualified in the fields of Human Resources and Business Psychology. We work in partnership with you to ensure your solution is tailor-made for your organisation and the improvements really last.

Training Consultants


Our Training Consultants bring impact and vibrancy to the delivery of powerful, memorable and sustainable training content which is proven to deliver lasting results.  Our Training Team make an immediate and visible difference to what people say and do back at work and these changes really stick.

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