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  • Improving Service Improving Business

    More than Training

    Embedded Learning for Results

    … and we can prove it!

Mary Gober International fully equips people to deliver impressive, second-to-none service because …

“Everything you think, feel, say and do is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you. We can show you how to make ‘everything’ a superb service that earns customer loyalty, advocacy and grows the bottom line.” – Mary Gober

Our Embedded Learning Programmes empower each person to confidently and enthusiastically deliver extraordinary service, consistently … the results are measurable improvements to:

Customer Satisfaction – Employee Engagement – Operational Effectiveness
Financial Results – Regulatory or Benchmarked Performance

Demonstrating Values


For organisations that want to bring their values to life through a culture change programme, not just a training programme

Satisfying Customers


For organisations that want to be completely confident in their people’s ability to successfully respond to every service situation

Strengthening Relationships


For organisations that want positive, productive relationships with everybody all the time

Improving Performance


For organisations that want everyone operating at the top of their game

Some MGI Clients

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  • Print
  • Zurich
  • LeasePlan
  • Dixons Retail
  • Veolia Environmental Services
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  • TNT
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  • Amicus Horizon
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  • Qantas

Some MGI Client Results


Net Promoter Score


Reduction in escalation to managers


Query resolved on first contact


Reduction in staff absence